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The Birth of Hero

The story of Elya’s comic books , revolving around a fascinating group of teenagers and their modern lives, is based on classic tales and old myths but with a fresh modern take, including theories of educational psychology.

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The Birth of Hero

An incurable disease has taken over the city of our antagonists, with every citizen in danger of turning into a raging monster at any given moment. Unaware of the sinister plans brewing, Elya and his friends begin their life altering journey by stepping into a secret laboratory in search of a rare medication.​​​​​​​

A journey to the fantasy world

Elya; birth of hero

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Elya the boy whom given super powers is not alone on his fight. Along with a wise mentor who has been guiding the fighters of light for generations, Elya and his friends are fighting evil forces that have been fighting since the beginning of time, under the command of Cain, to destroy humanity and plunge the world into eternal darkness.​​​​​​​

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