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The disease has taken over the whole city and there is no cure for it. Each of the people of the city can turn into an uncontrollable monster at any moment, and this is just one step of a big plan. Unaware of this sinister plan, Elya and his friends step into a laboratory to find a rare drug. Where he has to choose between surviving and saving people.
Elya's sacrifice to save people's lives makes him a hero who is given supernatural power to fight against the shadow army. Evil forces that fight to destroy humanity under the command of Cain and have tried to plunge the world into darkness since the beginning of history. Now it is Elya's duty to stand against them. But Elya is not alone in this path. He has to form a group of fighters with his friends and in this way the wise old man who has been guiding the fighters for thousands of years will help them

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// Chapter One
Birth of a hero
// Volume 1-12
You don't have to be super strong to be a hero. It is the right choices that make a hero. Amir Ali would never do it, just as he is looking for his mother's medicine, he must be torn between saving the townspeople and his own life. With this choice, he has stepped into the old world, the world of the eternal battle of light and darkness. A world where a new hero will be born. Elya...

Volume 13//

When Morteza got angry in the middle of the school cafeteria and shouted: "Listen everyone! This Amir Ali has become strange. It disappears! The force has increased!" ; Amir Ali, Arash and Kamran did not think that their important secret would be revealed so easily because of a childish joke. A secret that could endanger the lives of Amir Ali and his friends.

// second chapter
Shadow Spell
// Volume 14-16
Red Storm rises and Cain calls his new companions to give them the power of darkness.

This time, the shadow family is closer than ever, lying in wait for Elya. Elya is going to face a teenager of his own age but with a dark and invincible power.

// فصل دوم
// جلد 17-19